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Claudia Bubba

Claudia Bubba

Production Manager



I Graduated Bangor Area High School in 2013 and graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2017. I studied Applied Engineering and Technology Management with a focus in Graphic Communication Technology. I am a certified ATMAE Technology Manager.


Job Description

I started at Weaver Associates as a summer intern over the summer of 2017. I have grown a lot since then. I now manage the print shop. I use my friendly demeanor while I work directly with customers to make sure we produce exactly what they are looking for. I estimate jobs for customers as well as manage the printing and delivery schedules. I love my job here, my coworkers are like family to me. I enjoy making our customers happy and I strive to keep them that way.



I moved to Lancaster County when I started at Millersville University in 2013. I now live here with my loving pup Peppercorn.