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Lexus Henkel
Print Shop

2019 Graduate from Conestoga Valley High School
2019 Graduate from Lancaster County CTC- Nocti Certified in Digital Design/Print Media

Job Description
I met Ron through a mock interview in my senior year at CTC, where I told him I wasn’t really interested in the whole “print shop” thing. But deciding to step out of my comfort zone, I called him up and well, here I am! Bumping up from my internship, I now work full time as an estimator as well as a print shop lady. Who would have known I love the “print shop” thing, huh?

Right now, my family consists of my boyfriend of 6 years, Tyler, and our 2 our furry children Oreo and Bonnie. Lancaster is a beautiful place that has served me well throughout my entire life, and I hope to grow a family here one day.

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