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Ron Weaver

Ron Weaver


aka The Creator of all Frustration in the Office



Lancaster Catholic HS
West Chester University


Job Description:

Well, I am involved in everything from production to sales around here. I am told that the more I stay out of things, the better off we are (The more you know me, the more this will make sense!) I’m blessed with a group of dedicated co-workers who care for our customer needs. I go to work each day trying to exceed customer expectations (Our new slogan). Doing this has proved to be very difficult, but we are trying our best every day. I’m pleased to say that in most situations, we are very successful at exceeding our customer’s expectations.

I love what I do and I can’t thank my family and co-workers for all the support and taking care of me.



Born in Lancaster, PA
Live in Manhein Township for the past 19 years.


Family: Wife Kathe (Partner in life and in Business)

Ronnie – 27
Samantha – 27
Robby – 23
Maddie – 14


Bob - 2
Gracie - 12 weeks