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Hardware Sales Manager

Hardware Sales Manager

Jeff Stokes

Hatboro Horsham High School 2008
Millersville University 2012

Career Path
I graduated from Millersville University in 2012 with an education degree. Unsure about whether that was the road that I wanted to continue traveling, I explored another career option. Sales. I gained 4.5 years of sales experience as a representative for an Anheuser-Busch and craft beer wholesaler in Central PA. I bring those learned skills and a love for excelling in customer relationships, satisfaction and service. I am a proud member of the growing team here at Weaver Associates Inc.

I played golf for the Millersville University Golf Team and continue to play as often as possible. I also enjoy traveling outside the Lancaster area as many of my family and friends are located in the York and Philadelphia areas. I am looking to make a home and build a family here in Lancaster, PA.

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