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John Hockley

John Hockley

John Hockley II

Lancaster Catholic High School
Graduate of York Technical Institute – Computer Systems

Job Description
I was brought in to Weaver Associates to be the go between for the IT professionals and the sales staff here at Weaver Associates. I have 10 years’ experience as one of those IT professionals. I also have about 10 years’ experience in the sales world. I’m combining them to be the hardware specialist. If you are in need of a Laptop, Desktop, or a server, I’m your guy. I can of course help you with everything else we offer here at Weaver as well.

Outside of work I am mostly busy with my 4 children. They are all in school now and involved in sports, dance and other activities. I enjoy watching sports, especially in person. If there is a UNC, Braves, or Redskins game on, I’m most likely watching or at least listening to it. My wonderful wife puts up with me and the kids (she’s a saint). When we have a free weekend, we love to spend time at our cabin in the woods where it is plenty quiet off the grid.

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